Custer and Bush Stay the Course

White Hats is a collage of political cartoons that have been taken out of context and strung together forming a larger cartoon.

George Custer and George Bush both ignored facts and warning signs and stayed the course. Custer sees Indians and smoke signals on the horizon, but he is under the spell (snake charmer in painting) of his ego demanding that he stay the course to lead his outnumbered troops to victory. George Bush is under the same spell wanting the legacy of a famed victorious wartime leader. Osama Bin Ladin who started it all stands in the lower corner laughing at the futility of it all. Dick Cheney is whispering into Bush’s ear, and Rumsfeld is pictured as a departed angel still draped in the American flag that now serves as his wings. He also is whispering into Bush’s ear. The devil stands behind Bush and Custer. The Indians on the right are encouraging Custer to come forward. I personally like the buzzard on the left, and for no reason except it looks fierce I added the Miro-like bird in the center. A tank on the left faces off with a suicidal Arab on the right who is heading for his heavenly virgins. The arrangement of Indians on the left horizon are actually taken from the monument at Little Big Horn. The sides of the painting represent the home front. The top and left side are covered with eyes, ears and other spying devices along with sayings such as “Mission Accomplished,” “Stay the Course,” and “No Casualties.” The right side has Arabic-like symbols that are not intended to have any meaning.

You are welcome to hang a painting in your home to see if you like. Pay for the painting as in a regular purchase. If within 20 days you do not like it, return the painting and your initial purchase price will be returned. You pay only for the return shipping of the painting.

30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas


White Hats

15" x 20" giclee prints $125


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