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Art and Culture events can be found in the blog and on the side bar. Art and Culture includes museums, music of all venues, dance, Pueblo Feast Days and Dance, theater, festivals, and other special events. Galleries can also be reached via the sidebars.

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Jul 31, 2018

Art Scene Santa Fe

Art scene Santa Fe is a listing of current and future events.

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Jun 17, 2018

2018 Summer Programs & Camps in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico offers a number of summer programs for children and teens.

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Feb 23, 2018

Spas and Activities

A list of spas, health centers, exercise,sports,children,golf,ski, and others

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Mar 30, 2017


Abstract-Contemporary-Art-Gallery presents acrylic paintings

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Mar 30, 2017


Indian-Paintings-Gallery presents paintings using Indian motifs

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Mar 28, 2017


An interpretation of the Hopi Prophecy concering the approaching fifth world.

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Mar 26, 2017


Southwest-Online-Art-Gallery presents acrylic paintings with southwestern themes

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Dec 02, 2016

Ski Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico

The Santa Fe Ski Basin opens on Saturday, Dec 3, 2016

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Aug 08, 2014


A cat face appearing in a swirl of colorful cloth as in near eastern dress.

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Mar 10, 2012

Music Making

Music is all around us in all forms.

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Mar 10, 2012

Inner Being of Complex Man

Represents the complexity of man and the inner being.

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Mar 10, 2012


Multiple birds crowded into any egg floating in the sky.

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Mar 10, 2012

Southwest Triptych

This triptych is a semi-abstract version of a desert sunset with mesas one recognizable feature.

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Mar 10, 2012

Cats Dreaming

This triptych represents the interconnected dreams of three cats.

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Mar 10, 2012

Chromatic Regatta

A contemporary representation of boats at a Regatta.

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Mar 10, 2012

Reclining Man With pets

A surrealist view of Santa Fe's affection for animals.

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Mar 10, 2012


A restful blue painting representing the entanglement of life.

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Mar 10, 2012


A look at the creation of matter and life.

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Mar 10, 2012

Passing Time

An amusing look at the passage of time

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Feb 17, 2012

Desert Chorus

This painting acknowledges the voices and sounds of the desert Southwest.

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Nov 10, 2011

Herd of Wild Carrousel Horses

This painting takes a childs carrousel fantasie and turns it into a herd of wild horses.

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Jun 03, 2011


Watson-online-art-gallery displays acrylic paintings from the artist's studio. Southwestern , abstract, contemporary, wildlife, and Indian motifs are displayed.

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Sep 11, 2010


Sculpture installed to take advantage of site

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Jul 26, 2010

Digital Images

This page presents manipulated digitalimages of animals, places and things.

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