The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple (Blind Date)

Many names came to mind as I made this paintings. At the New York opening most people under 30 had never heard of a blind date. Computer arranged dating has replaced Blind Dates.

1. Dating Service Mismatch - Today many singles use dating services in an attempt to find a compatible mate. I imagine two individuals providing a little less than a candid description of themselves. They are matched by computer and may have exchanged a few guarded and tentative messages. They arrange to meet for at dinner in a nice restaurant. They dress in their finest to make an impression, and proceed to the restaurant with great expectations. They meet, and suddenly they realize instead of being potential soul mates, they are complete opposites. Now what! What do you say, and how do you get through the evening? The complete opposites in the painting are a cat and a coyote or dog depending on your preference. They are within their own box represented by the line around the two figures. They look straight ahead and contemplate with some trepidation how to end this unfortunate evening. I am sure that none of you have encountered this situation. 2. 1800s Wedding Photograph – When you look at antique wedding photographs, many show the bride and groom side by side rigidlystaring straight ahead. There is no emotion or feeling shown between the two.3.

The Odd Couple (Blind Date)

22" x 28" Acrylic on Canvas


Cat and Coyote

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