The Book

The Dangers of Segregation

The painting represents the separation of groups due to religion, race, wealth, nationality, appearance or other discriminating factors. Those within the group are connected by a common thread and are separated from the other groups by fears that are represented by the black creatures.. Rather than depict any specific group I have utilized cartoon-like figures to make these distinctions. The groups might be viewed as weirdoes (aliens), the mechanical (robots), the indifferent, the poor, the true believers, and the arts, but these are just metaphors for the various societal groups at large. The moral would be that if you don’t work for some common good, you might end up with a leader who is unsatisfactory for all. This is represented by the dark figure standing beside “THE BOOK”. The book may represent a religious doctrine, communism, fascism, capitalism or a variety of other isms that are used to justify the dictatorial actions of “THE LEADER”.

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The Book

30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas NEW