Southwest-Online-Art-Gallery presents acrylic and mixed media paintings on canvas and board. Enlarged views and detailed descriptions of all paintings can be accessed.

The first two pictures entitled Approaching-Uncertainty are landscapes portraying the approach of an afternoon thunderstorm; however, it is uncertain whether the rain will reach the ground or merely evaporate back into the heavens.

Mysteries-of-the-Desert utilizes the skull of a big horn sheep reminiscent of Georgia O’Keeffe where the sunset creates a mystic aura across the landscape.

The mixed media Desert-Sunset is my impression of the brilliant skies that I see from my studio almost every afternoon. The desert is a brilliant from an almost unbelieveable sunset

I have spent many weeks camping, hiking and collecting in Big Bend National Park. The picture January-Morning-in-Big-Bend is just before sunrise when the sky begins to brighten, but the mountains remain dark blue not yet revealing their multitudes of color.

Desert-Southwest-1 is a small thunderstorm that raises expectations, but delivers little moisture to the parched soil. Desert-Southwest-3 was painted in Texas during a sixty-day period when the temperature rose above 100 degrees each day. A few lonely clouds are all that appeared across the entire sky.

You are welcome to hang a painting in your home to see if you like. Pay for the painting as in a regular purchase. If within 20 days you do not like it, return the painting and your initial purchase price will be returned. You pay only for the return shipping of the painting.

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Approaching-Uncertainty-1 Sunset on the Pedernal SOLD Mysteries-of-the-Desert
Desert Thunderstorm acrylics Okeeffe's Pedernal Goat skull and desert sunset
Desert-Sunset Canyon Wall El Dorado
Desert Sunset near Santa Fe Cliff Dwelling


Ravens Playing Moab River Canyon
River Canyon Colorado River

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