Political-Miscellaneous Gallery

Indian-Motif-Art-GalleryPolitical-miscellaneous Gallery is a collection of political paintings, still life paintings, and non-classified paintings. Falling-Stars was painted after the 2004 election. The falling stars are our politicians and our rights and liberties. The-Patriot-Act was painted in July 2004. The-Patriot Act is painted in off-hues of red, white and blue to indicate our faded personal liberties. The prisoner began counting the days in prision, and then saw little point in continuing. The inner ear was painted from a medical drawing,and it reminded me of some of the Hubble telescope photographs. The Odd-Pair (Pear) is a take off on exclusion-inclusion. The three still life painting are for relaxation and enjoyment. The Odd Pair (Pear) is a comment on exclusion.

You are welcome to hang a painting in your home to see if you like. Pay for the painting as in a regular purchase. If within 20 days you do not like it, return the painting and your initial purchase price will be returned. You pay only for the return shipping of the painting.

PayPal will accept most major credit cards, and you do not need an account. Click the PayPal button by the enlarged painting, and then select your credit card on the left of the page.

Political declineGlass of wine and theeInner Ear or Hubble Telescope
Picture 56Shapes and lightExpectations
Who is excludedMonet and meConservation of the Last Tree
Bush, Cheney, Liberty at Guantanamo

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