The Opening

The painting depicts the opening night of an exhibition in a three story gallery. The people are part of a faceless crowd with the men depicted simply as black figures. The top panel has a view of the moon and stars through the window. Various works of art or shown around the room. Canned music arises from one upper corner. The middle panel has a window with a view of buildings and stars. We are one floor lower than in the upper panel. A small combo plays on one side and again the viewers are faceless. Works of art are being inspected. The lower panel shows a street with joggers passing by. We are now on the ground level, and music is provided by a pianist with only arms and hands visible. The curves lead us through the various galleries.

The Opening Triptych

The vertical Triptych is acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas.

48 x 20 x 1 1/2 inches


Gallery Opening

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