Indian-Painting-Gallery contains acrylic and mixed media paintings of Native American motifs. Enlarged views and detailed descriptions of each painting can be accessed by clicking on painting.

Maya glyphs, cave art and petroglyphs are used in three mixed media works. These paintings use acrylic gel and pumice to create the textured effects.

Harmony represents oneness with the earth professed by many Indian cultures. Remembrance is transference of lore by an elder to the younger generation.

Three abstracted paintings pay tribute to the warrior.

In-the-Beginning is related to the creation story while Contemplating-the-Past represents the struggle to maintain the native religion. There is a separation from past represented by the canyon; however, the past may be reached by passing through the kiva. Sky-Worship represents the native interaction with the night sky and mystic beings.

The shaman or mystic plays an important role in many societies, and fetishes are used in many activities.

You are welcome to hang a painting in your home to see if you like. Pay for the painting as in a regular purchase. If within 20 days you do not like it, return the painting and your initial purchase price will be returned. You pay only for the return shipping of the painting.

PayPal will accept most major credit cards, and you do not need an account. Click the PayPal button by the enlarged painting, and then select your credit card on the left of the page.

Harmony-1 SOLD Harmony-2 Remembrance
Pueblo, Pottery and Landscape Pueblo, potter and landscape Indian Elders and Lore

In-the-Beginning SOLD Contemplating-the-Past Sky-Worship SOLD
Indian Creation Myth Kiva key to past religion Kachine Figures, petroglyphs and stars
Pueblo Spirits SOLDShaman Manifestation SOLD Three Muses SOLD
Shaman and pictographs Shaman and witches Native Art

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