In The Beginning

In-the-Beginning is my representation of the Indian Creation Story. It is not meant to be literal, but contains some aspects from several versions. In some stories the original ancestors, the Air-Spirit People, lived in the first world. Because of sinful behavior they were forced to flee through a hole the sky into the second. This was repeated until they reached the fourth world. The Air-Spirit people did not look as we do today; however, in the fourth world the Holy Spirits created First Man and First Woman from ears of corn, covered by buckskin into which the wind (holy breath) blew and changed them into man and woman. First woman gave birth to five sets of twins. The first set was hermaphrodites who discovered pottery and the drinking bottle. The inhabitants of the fourth world escaped a flood by climbing into the fourth world via the help of tall trees and a digging badger. In the fifth world there was the sun, the moon, the sacred mountains and all the stars; however, through sinful habits monsters were also created. Eventually two young boys slew the monsters, and the world much resembled the world we see today. In some versions of this story there are only three worlds.

In my representation there are lower worlds that lead to a higher world. In the top panel five doors represent the five worlds through which the ancestors passed. Birds and symbolic ladders provide access to the outer world.


36" x 36" Acrylic on Canvas