Digital Imaging

Marjorie McCollum Tillman was born and raised in Oklahoma and received a BA from the University of Oklahoma. She later received a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at Georgia State University. She became interested in dyslexic children and taught at The Schenck School in Atlanta, eventually becoming the director. The way people visualize the same object differently has been a long time interest and, when she retired to Santa Fe, New Mexico, she began exploring the use of digital imaging to modify the appearance of objects.

She says, “What inspires me is the abstraction of familiar forms. Many of my objects connect to the Southwest – ristras, coyotes, jack rabbits, etc. The original photographs for this page are from New Mexico and Mexico. To me they evoke a special love of the natural and cultural elements of both places. Digital enhancement has been used on each of them to bring out the qualities that initially drew me to the subject.”

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ButterflyCircle of FriendsCoyote
The CircleMy Friend
DragonflyFeathersJack Rabbit
DragonflyShapes and lightOld Jack

Mexican MaskRavenWall in Patzcuaro
WallMy RavenWall with Windows
Beep BeepSeed HeadBeep Beep