Chromatic Regatta

Chromatic Regatta - You never know how a painting will evolve. I started with a blue slash across the upper right of the canvas and two vertical yellow slashes on either side. I placed a large pink ares in the center. Why I don’t know. Then I stared at the canvas for several days. The two yellow slashes began to look like the mast of ships so I started sketching with a piece of charcoal. I drew vertical lines through the yellow slashes and added some swirls and lines that might be sails and masts. There was a lot of vacant area in the center of the canvas so I added two additional masts and sails. I began painting them with bright chromatic colors with shadings. When I was about half through I added the blue slash at the bottom, and decided to add vaguely defined hulls for the boats. There was still a void just to the left of the right mast so I added a smaller ship with more tightly bound swirls. I didn’t like the color balance so I added a green slash on the right side, and then the orange and blue slashes on either side. The yellow sun was added and some barely noticeable areas of white which might be clouds. I am pleased with the almost stained glass look and the roughly defined areas that add balance.

Chromatic Regatta


30" x 40" Acrylic on Canvas



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