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Animal-Wildlife gallery does not contain detailed paintings of individual animals, but it contains primarily impressions of animals. The Raven refers to the Edgar Allen Poe poem, and the raven thinks it should have gotten some of the credit. The painting is also a reference to plagiarism. The coyote is a creature in western lore that can change its form and meaning. In one painting he is entertaining the ravens while in another he has just missed his meal. He must decide whether digging is worth the effort. In Remembrance of Ravens the majestic birds have just flown out of sight, and their cries echo off the canyon walls. Their presence is remembered after they have gone. The raven is also an important component of Indian legend. Raven-Corp-de-Ballet is a tribute to my friend, the artist and writer, Alvaro He paints the most entertaining and expressive ravesns. Every fall the sandhill and whooping cranes winter at the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Preserve. There are many activities associated with these migrations and birders and tourist would greatly enjoy the events.These magnificent birds can be seen flying over my home in Santa Fe on their way to the Bosque and on their return north. The snowy arroyo is a more conventional animal landscape painting.

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Magpie-Watch SOLD The Entertainer SOLD/td> Coyote and Raven SOLD
Picture 73 Picture 74 Coyote Raven
Snowy-Arroyo Raven-Corp-de-Ballet< SOLDtd> Prairie Dog SOLD
Picture 76 Picture 77 Prairie Dog

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