Abstract-Contemporary-Art-Gallery presents several acrylic painting styles. Abstract and contemporary presentations are of primary interest to the painter. The Differences painting represents the turmoil that usually arises when outsiders enter our society. Holes-Strings-and-Other-Things is an almost Miro-like representation of theoretical physics and extraterrestrial beings. Kachina is an important concept in Hopi religion, and it has been made nonrepresentationl in order not to mimic any specific Hopi deity. The Palace-of Confusion has overtones of Escher with conflicting perspectives. Spatial-Connections is a geometrical construction, but it also represents the lock and key concept in enzyme catalysis. The latter pieces are strictly contemporary, and detailed descriptions are found when the individual pieces are selected.

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You are welcome to hang a painting in your home to see if you like it. Pay for the painting as in a regular purchase. If within 20 days you do not like it, return the painting and your initial purchase price will be returned. You pay only for the return shipping of the painting.

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Holes-Strings-and-Things Differences On The town
aliens string theory alien conflict Abstract party
ConnectedSOLD Inner World SOLD White-Hats
Indian relgious history Navaho creation story George Bush and Custer wars
Blue Cat's DreamSOLD Awaken Promise
cats food and dreams Womans liberation psychic recovery
Unity Southwest Triptych SOLD We Are Not Alone

Other Worlds
Colliding Worlds Space Graffiti SOLD Passing Time
Other Worlds Other Worlds Time Passes
Synthesis Making Connections The Opening
Gaining Knowledge webconnections Gallery
Cats Dreaming SOLD Two Nudes and a Bird Escaping SpiritSOLD
Gallery Gallery Gallery
Fertility Complex Man Blind Date SOLD
Birds Inner Being Mismatch
Desert ChorusSOLD Wild Carrousel Horses
Inner Being Carrousel Horses
Royalty SOLD Music Making Sold Prophecy SOLD
Royalty Music Music
Reclining Man SOLD Chromatic Regatta NEW Lost and Found
Music Music Music
Connected 2 SOLD Prairie Dog Chorus SOLD
Music Music

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